PROC MIXED convergence issues fixed with PARMS statement

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When a complex statistical model cannot converge, it may help giving starting values for the covariance matrix. The following example is a two-dimensional multivariate normal distribution (two visits,

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Useful ISO date formats

Added: 266 Day(s), 1 Hour(s), 24 Minutes ago by Toni

Remembering useful ISO Date formats.

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Libname to excel truncation at 1024 characters

Added: 286 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 26 Minutes ago by Toni

Making sure your records from excel does not get truncated at 1024 characters when using libname to Excel.

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Profile plot using PROC template and render, based on sdtm data

Added: 304 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 10 Minutes ago by Martin

The example shows how the SDTM data can be used directly to create patient profiles. This example display the concomitant medication, the adverse events together with efficacy and doses from a trial

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Waterfall plots in panels

Added: 328 Day(s), 23 Hour(s), 8 Minutes ago by Martin

Exploratory comparison of distribution of efficacy variable. Presented in panel plot for quick review.

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Read ahead and back in one go

Added: 334 Day(s), 19 Hour(s), 18 Minutes ago by dnj

If you have a dataset with information in the first row that you need to bring forward (say a treatment, or a starting dose), and information that you need to bring backwards (say a start date, where

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